People Software

The project advocates the use of stable open source technology projects and license models as the way to bring equal opportunity on the use of technology to bring community and organizational development. MORE...

WebBoard Project

The project promotes the jumpstarting opportunity towards e-learning through the use of free and public Internet application servers that offer web hosting, e-mail, electronic boards, on-line assessment, on-line polls/surveys, InfoBase, search engines, open library, learning management system, and free educational software. MORE...

The People Digital Empowerment Project initiates the discovery, planning, development, implementation and evaluation of infocommunnications technology services to realize the empowering objectives desired for the people and their leaders.

Empowerment means people driven productivity improvement, potential realization, free choice through technology options, and bridge the digital divide.

The project promotes best practice framework, open content presentation, open standard, and free licensed open source technology to jumpstart capability building and provision of infocommunications technology services aligned to the needs and strategic directives of government, education, civil society, and small to medium enterprises.

It collates, reviews and disseminate best practice framework on the areas of project management, service management. It offers capability building workshop and focus group discussions that promote best practice methodology to champion and manage infocommunication technology services development.

It identifies, tests, and distributes stable free licensed open source software and documentations to enable people development through infocommunicatons technology.

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Open PM Project

The project initiates the free and open sharing of knowledge, tools and templates to promote effective project management (PM) methodology. The advocacy emerged from years of experience in implementing infocommunications technology projects. MORE...

ICTSM Project

The project provides the best practice framework on ICT service management (ICTSM). It presents best practice documentations and tools to understand the components of managing ICT services. It works for the local definition and practice of the OGC ITIL-ITSM framework. MORE...

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